Iskustvo bugarske učenice Sofie Nikol Stoicheve


Iskustvo bugarskih učenika o edukaciji "Mini inkubator učeničkih zadruga" u Kutini

The travelling to Kutina, the arriving and the staying at the hotel was very pleasant.

The people we met, were friendly and happy. Our teaching began on the following day. They were held in a special conference room in the town market area. Our lecturer, Professor Tafra, was very kind and tried to teach us in a comprehensible way.

The things we learnt from him were very interesting and useful. There were some other people in his team. The lecturer who presented the PowerPoint Presentation about the way of thinking when making decisions, made a great impression to me and is now of use to me. During the workshop we were divided into teams and the learning was like a game.  Thus, I acquired knowledge for the production of a single product, the phases it goes through and how it is advertised and sold at the market. I was in the team that stated the price of the product – I learned how to calculate a price. Another useful thing for me was that there were Bulgarian and Croatian students in the team and we got on very well.

The next two days we were in a Croatian school. I was very impressed with the students. We worked together in teams again. All of us were collaborative, and made our best to solve the problems – we were a real team. We produced lots of things – chickens of thread, cardboard eggs, magnets, etc. Together with the learning we had a great fun – played volleyball, table tennis, different games. We made real friendships that will last forever. We are now e- pals and keep in touch with our new Croatian friends. We have great memories that will last for a long time – how we ate ice-cream in the rain in February, the sightseeing in Zagreb and Kutina.  We felt the life of the normal Croatian people, having the same dreams and interests as us.

The time flew so quickly but was so unforgettable and great! I wish I could go back again!