Vrijeme provedeno u Kutini - Bilyana Krasteva


Vrijeme provedeno u Kutini - Bilyana Krasteva

Being a part of this Erasmus+ project – Doing Business Together- was a great opportunity for me to travel to a foreign country, meet new people, make friends with them, learn new things and become aware of a new culture.

During the lectures I acquired lots of new knowledge and skills that will be of use in my future. I had fun while learning things about the production process of a single good.

I saw that the Croatian students are just like me – had the same interests, taste in clothes and music. We worked in teams and practiced different techniques of painting. We produced real works of art! Nationality was of no matter – we were just friends!

On the last day we went sightseeing and shopping. I bought lots of souvenirs. I took lots of pictures and had great memories.

The thing I liked most, was that I made new real friends. The whole atmosphere in Kutina was positive and happy. I felt at home and at ease. I will never forget these days!